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Pop Up Auctions

Inspired by pop up restaurants and galleries which utilise otherwise redundant high street buildings, Brendan has formulated unique "pop up auctions" directed at individuals or companies wishing to promote their products. Based in vacant property or client premises, this unique way of selling, designed to bring the auction to the client, provides an alternative to traditional forms of selling. The popularity of auctions today, primarily due to increased televised exposure, generates enormous public interest making the "pop up" auction alternative a real viable source of revenue.

The wide reaching resource of the internet allows a national audience to view catalogues and participate in the auction remotely. Utilising the services of to reach a much wider client base. Awareness is key in the auction world and at Brendan Mitchell Auction Services we utilise the power of the media to inform and generate interest in all upcoming auctons. WriteAntiques also provides information on upcoming sales and is a useful resource for collecting antiques.